Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Final Blog Entry: Top 10

10. Creating compelling videos - I believe that videos are more compelling in a way in which there is the sound and visual both incorporated. Knowing how to concisely illustrate the message within a brief commercial has been challenging but has helped me be more succinct in my communication

9. Click Click - Taking pictures: I love photography and have done some before without knowing how to create compelling photographs. This course has helped me to know more about the structure and compelling aspects of taking pictures. Now that I take pictures, I know more about angles, perspectives, patterns, etc..

8. Technology - Technology seemed to have become key in terms of designing compelling experiences for the new  generation of millennial. I learned to utilize several software and hardware that I was not used to prior to this course. These skills will definitely be helpful in my job search.

7. Environmental aspects - It is good to know what is in our environment to be able to utilize it in a more effective way. For instance, whether we are utilizing interior design  or architectural concepts, either methods may be implemented in a more effective way to create  a better learning environment for college students. This way, students will feel more comfortable learning in "safer" spaces.

6. Music - I don't know how to read music notes nor have I studied music in the past. But what had made an impact on me is the "hook." This concept made me realize why I (or others) tend to like music that much even though we never really were classically trained for it. The hook is really what makes us more interested in hearing more about the song/melody.

5. Student Engagement - In certain interactions with students, we tend to be very self-centered in our content delivery whether we are teaching or advising students on a one-on-one basis. In order to make it more compelling, we ought to engage them and seek different ways of keeping them entertained. This can certainly be done through small group activities and ice breakers among the students while intentionally maintaining the adequate content.

4. Research -  In order to create compelling experiences, we ought to do some research in order to know what is being innovative. We can seek new ways of being compelling and tweak what is already being done to match the needs of the students we're working with.

3. Assessment - How are we going to know whether a student experience is compelling or not? The only way to measure the level of effectiveness is through evaluation and assessment. This way, students can provide feedback on how they believe the content delivery can be more compelling.

2. Creativity - This concept plays an important role in knowing different means of implementing compelling experiences. Without creativity in developing compelling experiences, these experience may not be compelling.

1. Be yourself - I believe that all of us are individuals and that we all bring our own personal touch and contributions. In creating these compelling experiences, we ought to stay true to ourselves while digging deep into our creative minds.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Music - Catching, then holding the listener's interest

After doing the readings, I found that the hook is the most important part of catching someone's interest considering that it initially appears at the beginning of a song/musical piece. However, it can sometimes be hard to maintain someone's interest throughout a song/musical piece. In order to do that, one should know what kind of feelings/emotions they are trying to reveal from the listener, whether it is a happy, exciting, sad, or jealous emotion. For instance, when creating a video or any audio projects to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, one would play inspirational music. The kind of music that will motivate and empower students (in the college setting) in developing and implementing leadership skills and abilities. The music would be with high beats and high tones of trumpets, saxophones, and drums, for example. The rhythm of the music will be fast pace and reaching higher and higher notes as a symbolism of reaching and accomplishing higher and higher goals in life.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music Hooks

Working at a large institution such as Michigan State University (MSU) has its perks and challenges. One of the advantages that MSU offers is the spirit that can be found within the sports culture. Let's take football as an example. MSU is very well known for its sports culture which can be transcribed as its fans knowing the fight song and singing it whether they are inside or outside of the football stadium. Indeed, the MSU fight song does include several hooks and repetitive rhythm that makes the audience wants to sing more and more of it. It's very energetic and parts of the song contain non-lyrical aspects which makes it more catchy. There is also the part that says "fight fight fight team fight" which reminds us of the AAABA hook that makes it more emotionally appealing. While trying to teach part of the American culture to international students, this song could be helpful in keeping them engaged and hooked to the learning experience.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2MM Project

As an ordinary video experience showcasing the perks of studying abroad, there could be random videos of student's experience while abroad. Other institutions have advertised study abroad programs with text heavy slides and some without any pictures not video clips. In these instances, the audience will have a knowledge of what study abroad does but without really experiencing it nor feeling the emotions that past participants have felt.

In my compelling study abroad video, I have included slides that display ten significant reasons why study abroad is beneficial. The ways I did it include displaying short and concise texts that make interesting appearance on the slides (coming from upward, downward, or from the sides). The music chosen was very adventurous which fits the personalities of study abroad programs and mostly purposes. I wish I had included videos (but I didn't have any). However, the pictures that I have chosen were probably the best that recalled memories of tremendous and exciting moments while I was abroad. This feature introduces a little tease to the audience in living abroad through viewing these pictures as well as encouraging them to live these adventures or even better.